Web Based Video Conference and Beyond

Connect with unlimited number of people and chat with them, share your videos, images and files and even your PC screen. And all of these, without compromising security!

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Security - We Know Its Importance

Your video conferences, transferred files, chats - everything is safe as we are not even collecting these. It all goes directly from your device to your peers' device!

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Multiparty Conferencing Made Easy!

Create permanent meeting rooms and its members, change video bitrate, share videos, images and files, switch between Mesh and Star modes and much more! Yeah, this is BifrostX!

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Made with in India

Every single line of code, except jQuery, has been written in India. And we don't even try to backtrace your activities like many other apps and services do!

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Initiate Video Calling/Conferencing with Ease

In BifrostX, you can literally connect with as many people as you want. All you need is to share your Room's link. That's all.

Share Images & Files, YouTube/Vimeo Links

You can share pictures and videos on your friends' screen and even let 'em download a shared file. All of these comes with the top-notch DTLS encryption.

Screencast - Share Your PC Screen with Everyone

In BifrostX, it is possible to share your whole screen with your peers. You want to present something while discussing over a topic? It's already here!

We all Love to Chat! Isn't it?

Yeah, we know you like to chat while being in a conference, and in BifrostX, it's also possible! And yeah, it's fast as hell!

Configurable Max Video Bitrate

You are on the control seat to decide your max output video bitrate. You can reduce it to reduce data usage, or increase it for crystal-clear output. However, this feature is only supported by Firefox.

Permanent Rooms with Pre-Approved Members

A pre-approved member can join a conversation without requesting for permission. This can be truly useful for teachers, hosting many classes.

Control Who can Join and Who cannot

Whenever a person tries to join in your room, you get a overlayed notification allowing you to accept or reject the joining request.

Mute or Hide Others with Just a Click

You can mute mic/webcam of everyone with a click of a button. Removing a peer from your room is also that simple.

Darkmode to Reduce Eye Strain

If you feel eye strains you can always take advantage of our built-in darkmode. In the night times, it can be especially useful.

Based on WebRTC - A Secure Technology

All your video sessions at BifrostX operate on WebRTC. It lets your videos and files go directly to others' devices, without using a server.

Video Conference

Share Files

Share Screen

Realtime Chatting

Changable Bitrate



Mute/Hide Others



We are in Media

Yes, we are in media. And it's all for your trust and love for us. We are committed to serve you better in every possible way. We are upgrading our user experience every single day. And all of it, without compromising your security. Click on the thumbnails below to be redirected to the newpaper's site to see what they are saying about us.

Why BifrostX, when there are big players?

That's a question that you definitely deserve to ask and we must answer to clarify the facts. Well, there are multiple reasons behind that. Let's take a look.

  • Security

    Unmatched Security

    WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) enables people to communicate directly through their browsers - no servers are interfering in between with the streams. That makes it impossible for anybody to penetrate into your conversations - not even us. In BifrostX, security is our #1 priority!

  • WebRTC

    It's based on WebRTC

    WebRTC is a modern technology that allows multiple devices to communicate between each other without the need of any server to process the data. So you can be sure that your voice, your picture and videos are not even reaching our server. It only means better security and lowest latency!

  • High Reolution

    Higher Resolution

    While all other video services are busy to reduce their content resolution due to the excessive demand during this lock down situation, you can always take advantage of the high resolution video conferencing at BifrostX as WebRTC needs no server-side media processing.

  • Low Price

    Much Lower Cost

    As our service relies upon the WebRTC Technology, we don't have to process media coming from you. Your media never reaches us, and we don't have to think about the media server cost too. And we keep our prices low forever! It's as simple as that.

  • Browser Based

    Baked into Browser

    All of it comes without the need of installing an extra app in your device. No matter what your OS (Operating System) is; no matter whether you are on a PC or Mac or a mobile device, you can take advantage of our services just by having a modern browser that supports WebRTC (like Firefox, Google Chrome).

Love is What You Gave Us

?Bifrostx.com is a video conferencing software. In this lockdown we have realised the utility of conferencing softwares. But these softwares are expensive and require 2k-2.5k rupees every month. With the same facilities, Bifrostx will charge only ?200 without comprising security standards. I request everyone to try this out and support Bengal Web Solution..

Satrajit Sen

Film director, producer and entrepreneur

?During this lockdown, we are taking help of various apps in the market to do our meetings and video conferences. This is costing us 2k-2.5k every month. Bengal Web Solution has designed an application named as Bifrostx. On using this it will require a part of this expense. In such a situation we are always trying to curtail extra expenditure. In this case, if we choose this app it will benefit us. And by choosing something that has been created by our very own people, it will benefit all of us extremely

- Amrita Chattopadhyay